The Bahamas is the most popular destination in the yachting world. There are 700 islands, of which, only 30 are inhabited. You’ve probably only heard of the big ones: Nassau, Grand Bahama (Freeport), and maybe The Abacos or Eleuthera but there is oh so much more! A yacht charter allows you to spend time in the hip and happening destinations like the Atlantis Marina (the Monte Carlo yacht destination in the Caribbean) while ALSO exploring the out islands to find that perfect deserted beach.

For yacht charter (in our opinion), nothing beats the Nassau – Exumas itinerary. It gives you a chance to be in the luxurious setting of the Atlantis Marina and then cruise down the Exuma island chain and experience the magic of the clearest water you’ve ever set eyes on. Several amazing places to stop and experience deserted islands, wildlife, and scenery that is incredibly exotic. Way off the beaten path and nowhere near where most tourists are able to go when visiting the Bahamas.

About The Location

The daytime high temperatures rarely dip below the high 70’s even in the dead of Winter, which makes the Bahamas a favorite year round destination.

Most of the waterways are protected from the open ocean by barrier islands. As such, it’s normally an amazing place to cruise around in great comfort, ESPECIALLY on IMPULSE with her state of the art stabilizers.

You’ll normally find IMPULSE in the Bahamas during February through the end of June, but it’s not uncommon for her to spend the whole winter here.

The Bahamas is made up of many small islands (700). The islands are very flat. The highest point above sea level os only around 200 ft. The waters are normally shallow, calm and warm.
If you can think of a water sport, you can do it in the bahamas. Paddle boarding, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. ! We can help you do it all.


These are suggested itineraries and can be altered to suit our guests’ interests. All schedules are dependent upon weather and may be altered for guests’ safety and comfort. The itineraries below include the Northern Exuma Cays and points of interest we’ve come to love.

Day 1

Come aboard and meet IMPULSE and your crew in the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean. Hang out with all the other mega yachts right in the heart of Paradise Island at the Atlantis Marina.

Day 2

Highbourne Cay – The first stop on your out island journey! Miles of sandy white beaches and no…people ! It’s a great start to the charter.

Day 3
Compass Cay – Our pick for the most beautiful beach in this area (and that’s saying a LOT, believe me). The horseshoe shaped , protected, sandy white beach is often only inhabited by you and the people you’ve brought on board IMPULSE with you. It’s magical.
Day 4

Staniel Cay – One of our most favorite places in the whole world. It’s a beautiful island, there are countless deserted beaches around, PLUS there’s the yacht club. An oasis in the middle of nowhere of food, drink, fun, sports on tv (yup!). It’s a hoot.

Day 5

Spend the day and night on a true adventure. Find a secluded cove (there are plenty!) and anchor out. Your front porch and backyard are the sea, and the stars you will see at night will blow you away

Day 6

Back to Staniel Cay. Believe me, you’ll want to stay even longer. Get up early, go out to the aft deck and look down…the clear water is like looking through glass, and you’ll see sharks swimming all beneath you!!

Day 7

Take a leisurely cruise about 1/2 way back to Nassau. You can anchor out for the night again, or stop into one of the other small Cays to rest and enjoy the amazing scenery and special places that each little island offers.

Day 8

Back to Atlantis – spend the last day onboard IMPULSE back in the luxury of the Atlantis Marina.

Bahamas Map