Costs to Charter

Chartering a Yacht

Yacht chartering can be confusing when it comes to nailing down just EXACTLY how much it will cost! We’ll try to make it as SIMPLE as possible.

When chartering a yacht, there are three costs involved.

  1. The cost to “rent” the yacht itself and its crew
  2. The provisioning costs – these include all costs incurred during the charter such as food, drinks, water, electricity, fuel, dockage etc.
  3. A gratuity for the crew

The first cost is fixed and you’ll know exactly what that will be.

The provisioning costs can vary, they are generally estimated at 30-40% of the rental costs. Normally, an “advanced provisioning allowance” is collected prior to the charter. This is normally that same 30-40% of the rental costs. During the charter, the crew tracks all the costs incurred and you’re given a detailed accounting shortly after you get home. These costs are applied to the advanced provisioning allowance and you’re responsible for any overages and you will receive a refund if you didn’t spend it all.

The gratuity is discretionary, but industry standard is 15-20% of the rental costs.

Costs to charter IMPULSE specifically

We’ll use a one-week charter for simplicity.

  1. The rental cost = $27,000
  2. The provisioning costs are estimated to be 30 – 40% of the rental costs. In our case, we estimate $8,000 – $10,000
  3. The gratuity to the crew (normally given in cash at the end of the charter) would be 15% – 20% of the rental cost. In our case, we estimate $4,000 – $5,000.

The TOTAL cost for chartering IMPULSE for one week should be approximate:


For a bit more than $10,000 per couple (or even a little less), you can have an ALL INCLUSIVE (all meals, alcohol, and lodging etc.) week-long luxury experience that few others have ever had the opportunity to have!

A bargain, quite frankly.